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Stela Bizdu and her story at Cronos Med

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stela bizdu - cronos med

Intervention-marathon at Cronos Med, the surgery clinic of Dr. Constantin Stan. A complex team took care that three interventions, both functional and aesthetic, took place in the best conditions and with excellent results for a patient-example of courage, femininity, respect for life and health.


Stela Bizdu came to Cronos Med to discuss with Dr. Constantin Stan and his medical team how she can improve her quality of life and the functioning of her body, which is still suffering from the accident that took one of her legs, but also to correct the traces of the transformations her body went through after a massive weight loss and two pregnancies, as well as after an unsuccessful nose surgery.


Three surgeries followed at Cronos Med, a special day in the clinic's surgical team and in the operating theatre in Bucharest. Dr. Constantin Stan, Dr Mahmoud Daoud and Dr. Adrian Alexandru, Cronos Med surgeons, managed in one day to restore functionally and aesthetically what our patient wanted and needed.


Dr. Constantin Stan intervened on the breasts, with a difficult remodelling, given the degree of ptosis, with an anatomical implant. Polytech, with the repositioning of the mammary gland and areola, a complex operation, but successfully completed with enormous satisfaction for the patient.


Dr. Adrian Alexandru reshaped and repaired the thigh area, and the extracted adipose tissue was emulsified and reintroduced to the face and breasts to restore the lost structures and to heal the sutures.


And Dr. Mahmoud Daoud, specialist in facial surgery, ended the marathon in the operating room with a secondary surgery on the nose, also particularly heavy and meticulous, with the removal of rib cartilage tissue because Stella's nose was no longer supported.


Dr. Irina Lalu, Cronos Med primary care physician, made sure that Stela had an easy "sleep" throughout the three surgeries. And the doctors and nurses who were at the side of the main surgeons intervened carefully at all times during this marathon.


For the first time in Romania, Stela and the Cronos Med team have agreed to record preoperative consultations, appointments, interventions and results.

Cronos Med presents the film of this medical marathon, in which you can really see all the stages that a patient goes through in his desire to restore the body's functionality and aesthetic component, but also what it means aesthetic medicine performed with a sense of measure, respect for natural proportions and especially with professionalism and respect for the patient and his health.


We know that everyone's time is the most precious resource, that's why the Cronos Med concept is one stop clinical. Whether you need surgery or non-invasive procedures, you can find us in Bucharest and Bacau at our short number, 021 9097!


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