A very pleasant atmosphere, medical staff trained in all aspects. I highly recommend any procedure performed in this clinic.

Ioana-Andreea Daramus

Very satisfied with everything: the way I was treated and the explanations given both before and after the rhinoplasty surgery made me come back with confidence for other procedures. I highly recommend!

Alis Mihalache

I highly recommend. Dr. Adina Degan is a lovely and professional lady. A very nice clinic 😍

Alina Ilea

Thank you for your professionalism, attention and dedication. Both you and the whole team are extraordinary. I sat with bated breath to see the result of the surgery (breast lift) and the only thing I did when I saw it was cry. I cried for 3 hours of happiness and contentment, all the way from Bacau to Brasov, that finally, after 20 years I can look in the mirror and smile with my mouth up to my ears. I don't have words to thank you and I don't think I will ever be able to say thank you enough for this unique feeling that I live. I can't wait to see you at the checkups.


Hello everyone! Three months ago I had rhinoplasty and septum deviation surgery at Cronos Med. All I can tell you is that I am very happy with the result! The clinic looks impeccable and offers irreproachable service, and the medical staff are true professionals!!! This is the reason why I also gladly came back for my Botox injection 2 weeks ago. I confidently recommend you to use the services offered by the clinic, you will not be disappointed, on the contrary!!!

Raea Sandu

I have always wanted breasts, I didn't have any, but I never expected such a spectacular result. I'm extraordinarily happy. I was afraid of surgery, I had had surgery before, but I wanted to do something for myself and I did, especially since I postponed my wedding because of the pandemic, and I found out about the doctor from a friend who had had surgery with him 15 years ago. I'm two and a half months after the operation and I can tell you that I finally feel feminine from head to tail.


I'm super excited. I didn't even expect to have such a good result, considering the problem I came to Dr. Stan with. Now my breasts are exactly as I imagined them. The recovery was easy, what I feel now is nothing compared to the initial surgery I had at that clinic in Tirgu Mures.
When I had my first implant, the first month I was hunched over, it was very hard. Now,
I'm 12 days post-op, and yesterday I vacuumed the house 🙂
Even though I now have 275 cc it's also the shape of the prosthesis that matters enormously.
Initially I had implants much too big for my body, the doctor did not measure me. We discussed a volume of 275 cc and I woke up from anesthesia with 295 cc. The implants had a round shape, and after nine months the breasts started to get close, because of the size, because of the way I was operated. You started to see those creases from the implant. At my age I only wanted one operation.
I could have kept my breasts the way they looked after the excision, because I never wanted big, exaggerated breasts, just not to have to wear a bra for a nice cleavage in an elegant dress.


Always professional, very attentive and friendly staff. The facility is high tech and has an incredible design. I trust that i am always in good hands when i go to Cronos!

Iulia Cirstea

I heartily recommend! A team of true professionals, starting from Reception, nurses, doctors ❤️ Dr. Gheorghe Andreea is an extraordinary doctor!!! The only clinic in Romania of note a thousand, congratulations to all Mr. Dr. Stan 😊 thousands of thanks!

Maria R Huian

Great services and best doctors in this domain. The clinic looks exceptional and the whole stuff is very client-orientated. I was treated with patience and very professional.

Stefan Nicolau

The best clinic, I had a surgery at Dr. Constantin Stan, 10 years ago and everything was perfect, I had another one this year and it was the best experience! Dr. Constantin Stan is the most kind and peaceful person I've ever met, he is a real professional doctor, I recommend him and the clinic! The clinic is super clean and all COVID-19 precautions are taken, everything is 5 ⭐️!

Ana Marginean-Duma

I had a rhinoplasty surgery at Cronos Med in July 2021 and I would like to recommend it because the staff was really supportive and I appreciate their caring attitude. Dr. Daoud is a great person and an exceptional professional. From the first meeting I found him connected with the patient, very calm and passionate about his activity. The rhinoplasty surgery went great, the recovery period was easy, with no bruise and really no pain. I would recommend Dr. Daoud to anyone who experiences breathing problems due to a deviated septum or who would simply want his nose to look better.

Loredana Raduta

Today I was consulted by Dr. Mahmoud Daoud for a septum reconstruction. I received the best advice and he inspired a lot of confidence. I have been to several clinics in Germany before but none of them are at the level of Dr. Mahmoud Daoud. Professional is an understatement and above all he is a man of soul. RESPECT!!!

Nicanica Nicanica

Motherhood leaves marks on many women's bodies that are hard to live with. It was the same for me. These marks generated a lack of confidence, reservations about showing off my nudity... A few years ago I decided to harmonize my body and started looking for a doctor who would inspire me with confidence. There were many attempts without success, but finally I called Cronos Med and got an appointment with Dr. Daniel Hernic. A young doctor with exemplary training, who I knew from the moment I saw him that we would collaborate. In addition to his specific talent and dedication, Dr. Hernic showed honesty and transparency in his relationship with the patient, a rare respect for the patient and a huge interest in the patient being pleased with the outcome of the surgery. These attributes make Dr. Hernic different in the portrayal of doctors I have interacted with so far and are the elements that will make me turn to him whenever the need arises and recommend him highly. I can't even get over the professionalism and commitment of the entire staff of the clinic, without which the surgery I had would not have been possible. Now, almost 3 months after my abdominoplasty with navel reconstruction, I feel confidently stepping into a new phase of my life! Thank you Daniel Hernic, thank you Cronos Med!"

I had a wonderful experience with great results at Cronos Med with Dr. Hernic Daniel. I am 1 month post breast augmentation, everything went very well and I think that the well being and communication that Mr. Dr. offers helps a lot in this whole process.
I didn't even expect to have no pain and be able to drive 2 days after the surgery. I recommend Dr. Hernic and Cronos Med!!! The best!!! ✌️👍🥰

Ioana Calin

I had an intervention with Dr. Daniel Hernic, for whom I have only words of praise and whom I recommend every time I have the opportunity. The result is very natural looking, even more successful than I imagined. A very dedicated doctor, who explained in detail everything that my intervention entailed, without being expeditious or rushed. The whole team was very kind, both the anaesthetist and the nurses. A wonderful experience! Many thanks!

Diana Parvan

I found out that there are still doctors in the true sense of the word, after I met Dr. Hernic Daniel! I have not met such professionalism, empathy and seriousness in one man! I did not come to him on a whim, so you can see how much I weighed this choice! The second medical opinion just reconfirmed to me that Dr. Hernic's choice is the perfect one. I end with one last piece of advice, choose the man, the doctor, never the resonance of the name! Thank you doctor for all your attention and the way I feel today thanks to you. Respect!!!

Ana Toth

had breast enlargement done in Turkey last year and I was very unhappy with the results. Not only did I have had capsular contraction, but I also had one breast slip on the side. I needed a professional action fast, as being an athlete, competing on stage regularly chasing perfection is always my priority. Let me tell you that I found perfection at Cronos Med! I had the pleasure to meet with dr. Daniel Hernic who empathised with my concerns and needs. I was so happy to finally find a professional who, not only acknowledged the issues, but was able to give many outcomes for obtaining the best results. Breast implant correction with implant exchange is not an easy procedure, however, I can not stress enough how satisfied I am now with the expertise of dr. Daniel Hernic. I felt very comfortable in his care. A true artist with wonderful results! As for the clinic itself, my experience was nothing but outstanding with the kindest nurses who genuinely cared for me! Actually, I really enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish. A fantastic clinic and highly recommended to all! I will be returning for sure! Thank you dr. Daniel Hernic 🌺

Nat At

I had the opportunity to meet the best doctor ever who gave me back my self-confidence through a beautifully done breast implant, attentive to details and my wishes. I have the most beautiful result! Dr. Hernic Daniel is a perfectionist and meticulous doctor, but also a wonderful man who supports you both before and after the surgery! I could say that you "don't get rid of the dancer" for a long time after the surgery, making sure you stick to the treatment and that everything goes well! I HEARTILY RECOMMEND IT!

Ancuta Pantelimon

I have no words to express my gratitude for the trust that Dr. Stan Constantin has instilled in me since the first meeting. I am grateful for the professionalism with which he performed the surgery (breast augmentation), along with the medical team he coordinates 🤗❤️


Very satisfied with the results of Dr. Hernic Daniel and the staff of the clinic, professionalism, professionalism and service of the highest quality, I highly recommend!

Rusu Vika

I had a surgery with dr. Daniel Hernic and the result was exactly how I wanted it, the communication was very good. The clinic is clean and you do not feel like in a hospital, I am very happy with my choice.

Alexandra S

I want to share with you the experience I had with breast augmentation surgery at Cronos Med Bacau Clinic. It was with great excitement that I went to see Dr. Daniel Hernic, thinking about the change I was going to make. I shyly stepped into the office, and from the moment I met Dr. Daniel Hernic, I felt that he was the person who would fulfill my wish. He inspired my confidence and courage. Then came the explanation of what this means.
breast reshaping procedure. Dr. Daniel Hernic is an accomplished and dedicated surgeon. My dream has come true and this is thanks to Dr. Daniel Hernic and the entire team at Cronos Med Bacau Clinic. I have the most beautiful breasts I have ever wanted. I recommend Dr. Daniel Hernic to all women who want or want to give an extra value to their femininity. Respect and appreciation for all you do, doctor!


I went to Dr. Daniel Hernic for abdominoplasty, lipo 360 and buttock fat transfer and had a great experience. He answered all my questions with a calmness and professionalism that was extraordinary, I felt prepared for those procedures, without any emotions and surprises, knowing all the risks. The results were beyond expectations, I am more than satisfied, and the Cronos Med team was amazing both while I was in the hospital and afterwards, as I returned to the clinic, for post-op check-ups. I recommend Dr Hernic wholeheartedly and will be returning to dance for other procedures.

Ioana Dascalu

An old wish come true 😊. A professional, passionate, warm Doctor with a great sense of humour. A clinic with modern facilities and dedicated staff. Dr. Daniel Hernic and the CRONOS MED clinic. Thank you for confirming a decision I felt I had to make. Doctor, I wish you a professional career as you deserve!!! 💜💜💜

Ina Alexe

I don't have enough words of thanks for Dr. Hernic. From the first moment I met him, he brought me a sense of calm, of security, a calm and reassuring voice, confident in everything he does, convinced of the results he can reproduce. A wonderful, experienced and very patient doctor! I am so glad I chose to have the breast augmentation and mastopexy surgery with Dr. Hernic. I left everything in the hands of Mr. Doctor and the appreciation of the dance and the size of the implant.... and I can tell you with great satisfaction that I made the best decision. I'm very pleased with the result of the operation. Although I have 3 scars, I had planned to do some laser for the scars, but after 6 weeks the doctor's hand said its word and I gave up... the scars, the stitches are so fine, I don't need anything else. It's hardly noticeable in only 6 weeks. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Hernic for all your skill, patience and dedication. You are a wonderful doctor. Thanks to you, doctor, I have regained my self-confidence and you have fulfilled my most beautiful dream, to have beautiful, beautiful breasts!

Andreea Simona Gutt

For breast augmentation surgery I chose Dr. Adina Vandor (Degan), who changed my life, I can say. I have been satisfied from the first consultation until now. I recovered after the surgery in a short time and without pain. The whole experience turned out to be far beyond my expectations and I highly recommend the clinic and its wonderful staff!

Fertu DD

I had breast augmentation surgery 4 weeks ago in this clinic. Dr. Adina Degan was with me during this experience and made everything go beyond my expectations. I trusted, we collaborated and now I enjoy a wonderful result! I recommend the clinic and I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Adina Degan. Thank you for the whole experience!

Denisa S

My review for Cronos Med clinic and Dr. Vandor Adina is extremely positive. I had an excellent experience during the whole breast augmentation process and I am more than satisfied with the final result. From the very first consultation, I was impressed with Dr. Vandor's professionalism and competence. She explained in detail all the steps involved in the procedure and gave me clear answers to all my questions and concerns. She gave me confidence in her abilities and I felt I was in safe hands. On the day of surgery, the clinic staff was extremely kind and caring, which lessened my anxiety and created a comfortable environment. The procedure itself went smoothly and I was impressed with the attention to detail and the impeccable technique of the doctor. The post-operative period was much easier than I expected.
Recovery was rapid and without significant complications. I followed the doctor's advice and instructions carefully and the result was what I wanted. I am extremely pleased with the final result of my breast augmentation.
The shape and size of my new breasts are exactly what I wanted and are in total harmony with my body proportions. It is a change that has increased my self-confidence and I feel more satisfied with my overall appearance. I highly recommend Cronos Med Clinic and Dr. Vandor Adina to anyone who wants to have an excellent breast augmentation experience.

Carina Gosu

I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. I chose to have breast augmentation surgery at Cronos and even though I was a little scared of the recovery, the pain, the change, Dr Adina Degan, through all her explanations, through all her patience and professionalism, through her smile, gave me confidence that everything will be fine, exactly as I want. And it was. All the staff are very, very kind, the nurses extremely caring, it was and is a pleasure to come back here. After the operation the pain was comparable to a muscle fever in the chest area, recovery was unexpectedly fast.
Throughout this period I was in constant contact with Dr Degan which gave me an extra sense of security. I highly recommend her, she feels she knows and puts passion into what she does. The result is wonderful, 3 months after surgery I feel better than ever. Thank you!

Irina Aldea

Two weeks ago I had breast augmentation surgery, performed by Dr. Adina Vandor (Degan). I chose to have this done because I wanted to have a slightly larger bust, with a natural look, which would emphasize my femininity. I had a positive experience during the whole breast augmentation process: the meeting with the doctor, the determination of the implant size, the surgery, the post-operative consultation and the information I received by e-mail about the process.
I highly recommend Dr. Adina Vandor (Degan) for the professionalism she demonstrates, as well as the fact that she was always available to answer my questions, both in the clinic and by phone/WhatsApp.
She is an extremely competent and kind person, and for me it was the best decision I made. I am extremely pleased with the results.

Clara Ion