ENT and Cervico-Facial Surgery Specialist
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Born in Jordan, but with British citizenship, Dr. Mahmoud Daoud studied medicine in Bucharest, Romania. He then moved to the UK for ten years, where he practised and studied. He specialised in ENT and facial surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons England, and is currently working on his PhD in nasal valve reconstruction at the Prof. Dr. Dorin Hociota Institute and is part of Dr. Constantin Stan's surgical team at Cronos Med Bucharest and Bacau.
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Dr. Daoud has attended numerous international training courses, was selected for a fellowship at the European Academy for Facial Reconstruction and Surgery, where he trained alongside the best surgeons from around the world.
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With a practice in both the UK and Turkey, he has published articles on rhinoplasty in prestigious academic journals such as Oxford University. From rhinoplasty and septoplasty to blepharoplasty, facelifts and otoplasty, Dr Daoud is passionate about all medical and aesthetic, as well as reconstructive, interventions and procedures on the face.



ENT consultation
80 euro
Nasal endoscopy
70 euro
Bilateral lower blepharoplasty
2.800 euro
Upper blepharoplasty
1.950 euro
2.800 euro
5,050 euro
from 5.500 euro
3,140 euro


Vampire Therapy
600 euro

I had a rhinoplasty surgery at Cronos Med in July 2021 and I would like to recommend it because the staff was really supportive and I appreciate their caring attitude. Dr. Daoud is a great person and an exceptional professional. From the first meeting I found him connected with the patient, very calm and passionate about his activity. The rhinoplasty surgery went great, the recovery period was easy, with no bruise and really no pain. I would recommend Dr. Daoud to anyone who experiences breathing problems due to a deviated septum or who would simply want his nose to look better.

Loredana Raduta

Today I was consulted by Dr. Mahmoud Daoud for a septum reconstruction. I received the best advice and he inspired a lot of confidence. I have been to several clinics in Germany before but none of them are at the level of Dr. Mahmoud Daoud. Professional is an understatement and above all he is a man of soul. RESPECT!!!

Nicanica Nicanica

Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with nasal obstruction and nasal septum perforation. I used to bleed very often, at night I had panic attacks, I felt like I was suffocating. After years of treatments with no results, I ended up at Cronos Med, at the office of Dr Mahmoud Daoud. Although I knew the risks of an operation, the doctor's professionalism and kindness inspired me to take this step. Now, a month after the operation, I can breathe again, I can enjoy life. Thank you, Cronos Med! Wonderful team, very caring, very responsible! All appreciation and respect!

Alecu Nicoleta


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