Dr. Constantin Stan

Primary Physician Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Internationally renowned plastic surgeon, specializing in ENT, with over 11,000 surgeries in over 30 years of medical practice and over 200 participations with presentations at international congresses and conferences.
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Inventor of the Ellman MonoRF Stan Forceps and Diagon Gel4Two breast implants, the world's most stable breast implants, BioDynamic, the computerized patient assistance and measurement system for breast augmentation, and the most advanced microneedling technology, Cronosderm.
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Creator of the multiplanar surgical technique for aesthetic breast remodelling, published in specialist journals, as well as the MIVAL technique, the minimally invasive surgical facelift with vertical anchorage system, with permanent wires.
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He is considered the surgeon with the most experience in the use of anatomical breast prostheses. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Iasi, with a master in cosmetic surgery in Milan, he has a double specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ioan Lascar, at Floreasca Emergency Hospital, and in ENT, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dorin Hociota.
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For his improvements in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Stan was awarded by the Japanese Society of Plastic Surgery, the South American Society of Plastic Surgery, ISAPS and IMCAS.



Breast augmentation with implant
7.000 - 7.500 euro
Mastopexy with breast implant
8,500 euro
7,500 euro
Reduction mastopexy
9.000 euro
Post-implant mastopexy (correction)
3,000 euro
Changing the implant
from 7.000 euro
Prosthetic excision
2.500 - 3.000 euro
Lipotransfer post implant sani
1,900 euro
6,200 euro
Secondary rhinoplasty
7,500 euro
Upper blepharoplasty
2,200 euro
Lower blepharoplasty
3,200 euro
Lipotransfer to the face
3,700 euro
Permanent lifting with MIVAL wires
4,400 euro
Direct fronto-spinal suspension
3,500 euro
Suspension TS+Upper blepharoplasty
4,500 euro
Cervical facelift
8,500 euro
Lip lift
2.000 euro
3,000 euro
Argon plasma (tissue coagulation)
1.000 euro
Minimal incision facelift - type 1
8.000 euro
Minimal incision facelift - type 2
9.000 euro


4.000 euro
Fractional CO2 laser
1,900 euro
Toxina botulinica riduri
450 euro
Tratamentul transpiratiei excesive cu toxina botulinica
620 euro
Facial volume AH (1 ml - 3 ml)
600 - 1.000 euro
Augment lips AH
600 - 1000 euro
Vampire Therapy (face / neck / décolletage / scalp)
400 euro

Thank you for your professionalism, attention and dedication. Both you and the whole team are extraordinary. I sat with bated breath to see the result of the surgery (breast lift) and the only thing I did when I saw it was cry. I cried for 3 hours of happiness and contentment, all the way from Bacau to Brasov, that finally, after 20 years I can look in the mirror and smile with my mouth up to my ears. I don't have words to thank you and I don't think I will ever be able to say thank you enough for this unique feeling that I live. I can't wait to see you at the checkups.


The best clinic, I had a surgery at Dr. Constantin Stan, 10 years ago and everything was perfect, I had another one this year and it was the best experience! Dr. Constantin Stan is the most kind and peaceful person I've ever met, he is a real professional doctor, I recommend him and the clinic! The clinic is super clean and all COVID-19 precautions are taken, everything is 5 ⭐️!"

Ana Marginean-Duma

Thank you, Doctor, you're the best! I am very pleased with the result after rhinoplasty, the only regret I have is that I didn't do this surgery earlier.

Andra Ingrid

I too am a patient of Mr. Doctor and yes, I consider him the best of the best!

Andreea Alexe

I have always wanted breasts, I didn't have any, but I never expected such a spectacular result. I'm extraordinarily happy. I was afraid of surgery, I had had surgery before, but I wanted to do something for myself and I did, especially since I postponed my wedding because of the pandemic, and I found out about the doctor from a friend who had had surgery with him 15 years ago. I'm two and a half months after the operation and I can tell you that I finally feel feminine from head to tail.


I have no words to express my gratitude for the trust that Dr. Stan Constantin has instilled in me since the first meeting. I am grateful for the professionalism with which he performed the surgery (breast augmentation), together with the medical team he coordinates. 🤗❤️




Digital software for customised choice of breast implant size, based on the patient's in-office measurements

The world's most stable breast prosthesis, with a polyurethane shell, anatomical shape and two types of cohesive gel that mimic the breast gland to the touch and at the same time support the shape.

The instrument used intraoperatively, designed as an extension of the surgeon's hand, so that coagulation and cutting of tissues is done at the same time, with precision, without traumatizing them, to eliminate post-operative pain

Surgical technique developed by Dr. Constantin Stan for painless, quick recovery breast aesthetic surgery, with which the surgeon can manipulate the internal tissues for breast reshaping and preservation of the mammary gland in case of breast lift operations.

A system that uses inert gas called Argon, which in cosmetic surgery helps the surgeon achieve controlled tissue tightening.


Argon Plasma can be used in breast surgery, but also in body contouring surgery after liposuction or liposculpture.

Micro-oil system to stimulate collagen, restore skin texture, improve skin quality without hurting or scratching the skin.


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