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Spring facial treatments: how to take care of your skin after the cold season

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cronos-med spring facials

Spring is an ideal time to pay attention to skin care and give it a boost of freshness after winter. This period is characterised by rising temperatures, high air humidity and more exposure to natural light. These conditions can have a positive impact on the skin, helping to regenerate cells and improve its appearance. However, spring can also bring with it some skin problems, so it's important to pay extra attention to skin care.


What changes can occur in spring on the skin


In general, skin can be influenced by the seasons, but this depends on several factors, such as weather conditions, hydration levels, exposure to sunlight or the use of seasonally appropriate skin care products. For example, during spring, skin can be drier due to cold wind and dry air, which can lead to dehydration. In addition, exposure to the sun can be longer than in winter, and can lead to sunburn or premature ageing of the skin if proper protective measures are not taken.


Also, during spring, a change in the texture and appearance of the skin can be observed, which may be caused by certain hormonal changes or seasonal allergies. These changes can cause the skin to become blotchy, red, itchy or dry. In these cases, it is important to consult a dermatologist in order to get a correct diagnosis and take the necessary treatment measures.


In general, it is important to pay attention to your complexion in all seasons by using skin care products that are appropriate for your skin type and needs, by moisturising properly and protecting against excessive sun exposure. In addition, to support your daily skincare routine, you can turn to a range of aesthetic treatments designed to nourish the tissues, hydrate and brighten the skin, and give your face a youthful appearance.


Skin moisturising procedures


Professional skin hydration treatments are designed to provide deep hydration to the skin's tissues, aiming to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. These treatments are often recommended for people who have dry, dehydrated or ageing-looking skin, as hydration can improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and dull skin.


One of these procedures is Hydrafacialan effective, three-step treatment:


  • hydrodermabrasion combined with exfoliation - the complexion is cleansed with Vortex Cleansing technology and gently exfoliated using the patented Hydropeel applicator. This removes dead cells from the skin's surface, allowing blackheads and sebum build-up to be eliminated and moisturisers to be better absorbed;
  • extraction - Vortex Extraction technology involves the use of a specially designed vortex applicator that painlessly removes impurities;
  • skin hydration - The final step of the Hydrafacial procedure is to hydrate the skin with the Vortex Fusion spiral, which delivers active ingredients to the skin. The skin is thus properly nourished and healthy looking.

Another great help for a properly hydrated complexion is hyaluronic acid. Aesthetic treatments based on hyaluronic acid have experienced a considerable rise in recent years, thanks to its beneficial effects on the appearance and health of the skin. In addition, these procedures offer great results in terms of facial volumetry, from the appearance of the cheekbones and temporal area to the shape and volume of the lips.


Facelift treatments


A facelift is a procedure that aims to rejuvenate the skin on the face and neck by removing excess skin and restoring a younger, firmer appearance. Facelift can be performed surgically or non-surgically, depending on the needs of each individual person. It can treat a range of problems, such as wrinkles and fine lines, the appearance of sagging skin, changes in facial volume or excess skin.


An already famous treatment, intended for lifting effect, is botulinum toxin treatmentalso known as Botox. Botulinum toxin is injected in very small doses into certain facial muscles, resulting in the blocking of their contraction. The procedure is a short procedure (on the order of minutes) and very painless, which is why local anaesthesia is not necessary, the doctor only applying an anaesthetic cream on the surface of the area to be treated. Botox injections are usually a safe treatment method. However, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor before starting such a therapy in order to assess the indications and risks of the procedure, which are unique to each patient.


In general, facelifts can significantly improve the appearance of the face and increase the self-confidence of people who benefit from this type of treatment. It is important to discuss all the options available with your dermatologist and evaluate the risks and benefits of the procedure together, in order to choose the best option for your particular case.


Revitalizing and brightening - recommended treatments


Revitalizing facials are procedures that help improve the appearance of the complexion and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two essential substances for maintaining a firm and youthful-looking complexion.


One of the latest therapies in this category is called Intraceuticals and consists of applying a series of cosmetic products to the surface of the skin, which are then infused into the skin using a special device that uses hyperbaric oxygen. Intraceuticals products are formulated with high quality active ingredients and can have multiple benefits such as:

  • moisturising the complexion;
  • reduction of wrinkles and fine lines;
  • improved skin texture and firmness;
  • reduction of enlarged pores;
  • reduction of pigmentation spots and acne;
  • giving the skin a more youthful and glowing appearance.

Skin care from the inside


In addition to professional skin treatments, you can also provide your skin with the necessary nutrients with the help of intravenous therapies. These treatments use a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to improve the appearance and health of the skin. They can be customised to suit each person's individual needs and are only administered by specialists in aesthetic medicine.


Common ingredients used in intravenous therapies for aesthetic medicine include vitamins B and C, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals (zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium). These substances are administered via an intravenous infusion, which facilitates the rapid and efficient absorption of nutrients into the body. The benefits of intravenous therapies include:


  • moisturizing and revitalizing the skin;
  • improved skin texture and firmness;
  • fighting acne and pigmentation spots;
  • improving general health.

In general, intravenous therapies can be an effective and safe option for people who want to optimise the appearance of their skin through non-invasive and personalised therapy. In the first phase, consult a specialist in aesthetic medicine to choose the right intravenous therapy for your skin condition and your general health.


Each season can have its own effects on the skin, but by applying proper skin care measures and giving your body the nutrients it needs, your skin can be healthy and glowing in any season. Contact Cronos Med specialists if you would like to benefit from treatments specifically for your skin. Make an appointment for a consultation by calling the single telephone number 021 9097 or by completing contact form.

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