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Why it is important to wear a compression bra after breast implant surgery

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compression breast implant bustier - cronos med

The healing process following breast implant surgery plays an essential role, both for the final appearance of the implant and for the health of the whole body. Thus, in order for this process to go normally, it is necessary to follow a few instructions from the surgeon once the operation has been performed.


One of these indications is to wear a medical bra for a while. In the following, you will find out exactly what a compression bra is, what its role is and how long it takes for a full recovery.

What is a compression bra


The medical girdle, also known as the postoperative girdle, is an important part of the recovery process after surgery for increase mamara. It is meant to support and protect the bust area for a period of time, so that the incisions heal easily and the tissues are not put under too much strain.


This keeps the implant in the correct position and there is no risk of it moving. At the same time, the adjacent tissues need time to adapt to the weight of the implant, which is why a compression sleeve is absolutely necessary.

Post-operative bra vs. regular bra


The way in which the different types of medical braces have been designed has a major contribution to make to the post-operative recovery process. The compression bra has a shape closer to the anatomical shape than a normal bra, which provides comfort during wear, but also helps to make the recovery as smooth as possible, avoiding possible complications that may occur (oedema, bruising, blood clots, etc.).


Also, the compression bra offers the possibility to adjust the dimensions so that the compression is moderate and local circulation is not affected. When blood and lymph flow are normal, the body recovers in an optimal time and local oedema or inflammation is avoided.


A regular bra can injure the tissues or can hinder circulation in the breasts, especially in the case of bras with metal inserts. Thus, problems of the nature mentioned above occur, leading to prolonged healing time. Wearing medical bras instead of normal ones thus has both a curative and a prophylactic role.

Types of medical bras: how to choose a compression bra


There are some conditions that a compression bra must meet in order to be used successfully by patients who have recently undergone breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, a postoperative bra must meet the following criteria:


  • exert adequate pressure on the torso;
  • does not impede normal blood flow;
  • is made of a material as natural, soft and pleasant to the touch as possible.

Usually, surgeon will advise you on the right type of medical bra for you, so you don't have to make this decision alone. The right bra will provide commensurate benefits and speed up the healing process after breast augmentation surgery. In addition, after breast augmentation surgery at CronosMed, you will receive two post-operative bras, along with instructions for their correct use.

How long should you wear a compression bra


Specialists in cosmetic surgery recommend wearing the medical bra permanently for at least two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. This means that you will wear it both day and night, except when you are attending to personal hygiene. Depending on the specifics of the operation and the rate at which the tissue recovers, your doctor may extend this period to more than two weeks.


However, it is recommended that you return to your regular bra at least 4-6 weeks after surgery. To make the transition easier and to allow the tissues to adapt gradually, you can resort to a sports bra after the weeks of wearing the compression bra.

Sport after breast implant - when is it recommended to start


If you're used to an active lifestyle, you're probably wondering how long you need to wait until you can resume your exercise routine after breast augmentation surgery. This depends on several conditions, such as implant dimensions, the size of the incision, the time needed for tissue regeneration, and any complications that may arise during the procedure.


In the first four to six weeks after breast augmentation surgery, sudden movements and physical exertion of any kind are contraindicated. After six weeks, you will be able to resume your daily activities and, if you get your surgeon's advice, you can start with light training, progressing gradually. In most cases, six months after surgery, the body is fully recovered and there is no longer any danger of any sporting activities. Until then, however, it is important that the transition to a higher intensity of physical effort is made at an acceptable pace.


If you have recently undergone breast implant surgery and have any questions or if you would like to benefit from such an intervention, contact us on 021 9097 or via contact form on our website.

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