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A new Cronos Med concept

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Regenerative medicine 360°, longevity medicine


Group of clinics Cronos Med, market leader in aesthetic medicine, introduces for the first time in Romania a 360° concept of regenerative medicine. We offer patients at home and abroad complex packages of personalized procedures and therapies that rejuvenate and heal tissues, restore balance to the body and turn back the clock.


Cronos Regenerative Institute is the first regenerative medicine institute in Romania.

"We created the Cronos Regenerative Institute precisely for these benefits, to provide people, both young and old, with a good quality of life, tone, prevention of tissue degradation and the development of diseases with age. We can live longer, better and more beautiful lives." - Dr. Constantin Stan, founder of Cronos Regenerative Institute.


Cronos Regenerative Institute is a 360° concept, because it encompasses longevity medicine, regenerative therapies, aesthetic and functional medicine and surgery, for a good balance between body and mind, health and beauty.


We can control how we age through screenings and investigations that show the rate of ageing, the age of immunity, cell protection, mitotic clock, biological age, microelement levels and sleep quality, as well as through personalised therapies.


Whatever regenerative therapies you desire, you get personalized medical consultations for therapeutic sessions with cutting-edge technologies from Oxyven, IV laser therapy, to intravenous treatments with vitamins, Resveratrol, glutathione, NAD+, mineral nutrient injectable treatments based on individual medical analysis and indications, external laser therapy for weight loss, personalized diet, cryosauna, detox massages, injectable lipolysis, ozone sauna, fat transfer and other procedures for the body's proper functioning.


Centres Cronos Regenerative Institute are in clinics in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Constanta and Timisoara. You can program yourself to the single number for all locations, 0219097.


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