Thread and lift with MIVAL

Minimally invasive surgical facelift with permanent results

The concept of youth without old age fascinates us all, and much ink has been spilled on the subject in almost all cultures and eras. And if in the end youth without old age remains only a utopia, the evolution of aesthetic medicine allows us at least to age beautifully and as late as possible.


If 20 years ago a facelift without scalpel, pain and recovery time was unthinkable, today there are several facelift methods that do not require laborious surgery, hospitalization or recovery time.


One of these methods is Thread and Lift, which in addition to all the above advantages, has another: it offers long-lasting results.


But at the same time, over the course of four months, the quality of the leather increases. The explanation is this: when the skin sags, the communicating blood vessels that nourish it move with it. By stretching these blood vessels, their diameter shrinks, which leads to poorer skin irrigation and therefore to a decrease in skin quality. Once these blood vessels are repositioned, the original diameter is restored and the skin is properly irrigated. This phenomenon usually occurs 3-4 months post-surgery.


Made from durable, elongation-resistant and stretch-free biocompatible materials, Infinite - Thread guarantees results over the years. While with other techniques the results decrease by 10 to 30% per year, with Infinite-Thread no change has been observed 2 years post-intervention. The effect is as natural as possible and the lack of scarring contributes greatly to this.

The procedure lasts around 1 hour, 1 hour and 15 minutes, of which 15 minutes are needed for the anesthesia to take effect. The patient can then go home. Recovery is rapid, in a maximum of 3-8 days any trace of oedema or haematoma disappears (which are very rare).


The term "permanent" can sometimes scare us. That's why Infinite - Thread was designed to be easily removed at any time, even years after the procedure, without any after-effects. The patient's face will simply return to its original appearance once the threads are removed.

Their removal is possible because their integrity is guaranteed over time. A simple anaesthetic injection and the thread is painlessly removed. The fact that it has a specific violet colour makes it impossible to confuse it with skin tissue, and this allows its rapid detection. Also, due to its structure, Infinite - Thread does not migrate. The simple reading of the report of the initial intervention allows the specialist to quickly locate the thread under the patient's skin.


Outside of pregnancy, Infinite Thread has no contraindications. Sun exposure is allowed immediately after the procedure and the use of lasers to treat hyperpigmentation spots, for example, is perfectly acceptable.


The ideal patient is between 30 and 60 years of age, regardless of gender and may be a smoker, as the procedure does not require healing. You are a good candidate whether you have had a surgical facelift before or intend to have one in the future. Last but not least, anyone can benefit from this procedure regardless of skin colour, as the risk of keloid scar formation is non-existent.


4.400 €

Minimally Invasive Surgical Thread and Lift (MIVAL) is performed by Dr. Constantin Stan.

For whom is minimally invasive thread and lift surgery indicated?

Our cosmetic surgery specialists at Cronos Med can help you discover if the procedure thread and lift is right for your needs. In general, minimally invasive surgical facelift This method is suitable for people between 35 and 55 years old, in good health and who want to reduce the signs of ageing. Also, the permanent thread facelift can be an optimal solution for people with various medical conditions that make general anaesthesia contraindicated, and thus cannot opt for the classic facelift.

How long does the thread and lift procedure take?

Procedure for facelift with permanent wires is performed quickly, and under local anesthesia. The duration of the operation may vary, depending on the specifics of each case.
The procedure lasts around one hour, one hour and 15 minutes, of which 15 minutes are needed for the anaesthesia to take effect. A few hours after the operation the patient can go home, and recovery is rapid, in a maximum of eight days any trace of oedema or haematoma disappears (which are very rare). Effects of the procedure thread and lift are immediately visible. If you need more information about the length of surgery in your case, schedule a consultation at Cronos Med clinics now for a personalized treatment plan.

What are the benefits of the thread and lift procedure?

Unlike the classic, surgical facelift, the procedure thread and lift offers minimal risks and much faster recovery. Also, the permanent thread facelift does not require additional care, and for enhanced skin quality results, this procedure can be combined with mesotherapy or vampire therapy. Overall, this facelift method offers a high degree of satisfaction, allowing you to enjoy a rejuvenated appearance and a lifted face without pronounced wrinkles in the mid-face area.

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