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TeloTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV determines biological age

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TELOMERE LENGTH   - Telomere length is one of the most relevant biomarkers related to body ageing. The ability to maintain longer telomeres is linked to increased lifespan and delayed development of age-related diseases.


Fagron TeloTest™ measures telomere length to quantify the degree of cellular ageing in the body.


Estimated processing time at Fagron - 4-5 weeks after the (saliva) sample and questionnaire have been received at the Fagron Genomics laboratory in Barcelona.

Qualitative lifestyle recommendations and factors that can contribute to solving cellular ageing problems.


The laboratory report will indicate the genetic compatibility of the patient with some substances used in pharmacology to treat cellular ageing and will propose personalised treatments with beneficial compounds from the following categories: active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that simplify metabolic pathways, phytochemicals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals.


TeloTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV: discover the secret of cell longevity

In today's world, where technology and medicine are intertwined to provide innovative health solutions, Fagron Genomics BV brings to the forefront TeloTest™, an analysis that reveals the body's biological secrets, focusing on telomere length and its impact on the cellular aging process. Discover how this revolutionary analysis can provide a clear insight into the extent of cellular ageing and guide your choices for a healthy and personalised lifestyle.


Telomere length: a key biomarker of ageing

Telomeres, the repetitive structures at the ends of chromosomes, have become a subject of intense research in relation to the ageing process. Telomere length is considered a key biomarker, indicating not only the degree of cellular ageing but also the predisposition to develop diseases associated with ageing. The ability to maintain longer telomeres is associated with a longer lifespan and a delay in the onset of age-related diseases.


TeloTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV: a detailed analysis of cell ageing

Fagron TeloTest™ is at the forefront of molecular biology research, measuring telomere length to provide quantified insight into the body's cellular aging. This advanced test is based on genetic analysis, allowing an accurate and personalized assessment of telomere condition.

The estimated processing time at Fagron is 4-5 weeks after the saliva sample and questionnaire arrive at the laboratory in Barcelona. This period ensures careful analysis, resulting in a complete and personalised report for each patient.


Recommendations for an anti-aging lifestyle

TeloTest™ doesn't just stop at providing information on telomere length; it also comes with personalised recommendations on lifestyle and factors that can positively influence cell ageing. These qualitative recommendations enable patients to adopt practices and habits that support cell health and longevity.


Genetic analysis and compatibility with anti-aging treatments

The laboratory report generated by TeloTest™ not only identifies the degree of cellular ageing, but also analyses the patient's genetic compatibility with various substances used in pharmacology to treat cellular ageing. These include:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs): Simplifies metabolic pathways to support optimal cell function.
  • Phytochemicals: natural compounds with antioxidant and anti-aging effects.
  • Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals: essential elements for protecting and maintaining cellular health.

Personalising anti-ageing treatment

An innovative aspect of TeloTest™ is the personalised approach to anti-aging treatments. Depending on the results of the test, patients can be offered personalised treatments tailored to their genetic needs and predispositions to support the fight against cellular ageing.



TeloTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV is a bridge between individual genetics and the fight against cellular ageing. With an innovative approach, this test not only diagnoses the degree of aging, but also guides patients towards personalized lifestyle choices and treatments. Discover the secret to cellular longevity and prepare to take important steps towards a healthy and vibrant life.

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