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AcneTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV: A revolutionary test to fight acne and post-acne scarring

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Problems with acne breakouts and post-acne signs affect millions of people around the world, influencing not only the physical appearance but also the emotional state of individuals. To address these problems in a personalised and effective way, Fagron Genomics BV created AcneTest™, an innovative test that promises to provide a precise path to acne treatment, controlling and preventing permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation.


Various acne problems

Acne is a complex condition with multiple phases and varying degrees of severity. These include:


  • Grade I (Comedogenic): Formation of open and closed comedones.
  • Grade II and III (Papular and Pustular/Inflammatory): Formation of inflammatory lesions such as pimples and pustules.
  • Grade IV (Conglobata/Nodulocystic): Appearance of deep and painful cysts.
  • Mature Female Acne: A specific variant associated with age-related hormonal changes.

AcneTest™: the path to personalized treatment

Fagron Genomics BV has developed AcneTest™ with the aim of providing a personalized treatment for acne control and prevention of permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation. The test is based on genetic analysis and provides essential information to specifically understand the causes of acne for each individual patient.


The estimated processing time at Fagron is 2-4 weeks after receipt of the saliva sample and questionnaire in the laboratory in Barcelona. This period ensures a careful and detailed analysis, resulting in a complete and personalised report.


Quality recommendations for a healthy lifestyle

AcneTest™ not only identifies the causes of acne; it also provides personalised lifestyle recommendations and factors that can help to address the problems caused by this skin condition. This gives patients the chance to positively influence the course of acne through dietary changes, stress management and other lifestyle issues.


Detailed genetic analysis

The laboratory report generated by AcneTest™ analyses multiple aspects of the patient's individual acne:


  • Sebum production: The level of fat produced by the sebaceous glands.
  • Pigmentation: post-acne hyperpigmentation and associated genetic variables.
  • Inflammation: The degree of inflammation present in the skin.
  • Hormonal Conversion: the impact of hormonal changes in the development of acne.
  • Scar Tissue Formation: assessing the risk of permanent scarring.
  • Metabolic Rate: How metabolism affects the course of acne.
  • Medication Response and Nutritional Approach: Identifying effective treatments and specific nutritional needs.

Genetic compatibility with pharmacological substances

Another innovative aspect of AcneTest™ is the analysis of the patient's genetic compatibility with various substances used in acne pharmacology. This includes antibiotics, retinoids, anti-androgens, depigmentation agents, anti-parasitics, corticosteroids, keratolytics, anti-inflammatories, sebolytics, vitamins, probiotics and nutraceuticals.



AcneTest™ from Fagron Genomics BV brings a personalised and advanced approach to the diagnosis and treatment of acne. By integrating genetic analysis and providing tailored recommendations, this test is a revolutionary solution for those affected by skin problems. With reasonable processing time and detailed reporting, AcneTest™ promises to become a trusted ally in the fight against acne and its consequences.

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