Interventia de rinoplastie, realizata de echipa de chirurgi Cronos Med Academy are un pret de 3.900 € (oferta valabila pana la sfarsitul lunii august 2024).


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Such an intervention is done if:
  • The nose is too small or too big in relation to the rest of the face
  • The nose has an asymmetrical shape
  • Nostrils are too wide
  • The tip of the nose is pointed or drooping
  • On the nose there is a protuberance
  • The septum is deviated, and the patient has trouble breathing


Following an initial consultation, Cronos Med plastic surgeon will recommend the appropriate technique to the patient, taking into account the patient's expectations.

Also during the initial consultation the doctor will examine the features of the face, as well as the outside and inside of the nose.


This examination will help the specialist to determine what changes are needed in the nose and whether the surgery will have an impact on respiratory function. After the consultation, based on the surgeon's recommendations, the patient can be scheduled for surgery.


The doctor may use a program to simulate the final shape of the nose so that the patient can get an idea of what the result will be. This simulation does not 100% conform to reality, but it can create an idea of what will be obtained after the operation.


At Cronos Med, rhinoplasty is performed under TIVA sedation anesthesia, with BIS monitoring, and its duration varies depending on the complexity of the case, approximately two to three hours. The patient is monitored throughout the operation by an anaesthetist.

To augment or smooth the deformities of the surface of the nose, the surgeon can use autologous cartilage grafts, which are taken from the septum (the inner wall of the nose that divides the two airways). If the necessary bone and cartilage reserves have already been removed, cartilage can be harvested from the ears or ribs.


Rhinoplasty can be accompanied by other cosmetic procedures to balance the facial features. If the chin is too small, the doctor may augment it with hyaluronic acid or a chin implant. Thus, the impression of a nose that is too large in relation to the other elements of the face disappears.


Secondary rhinoplasty is done if a nose job is needed, if the patient is not satisfied with the result. This can be done at least one year after the first operation.

Variants of augmentation or smoothing of deformities of the nose surface:

Autologous cartilage grafts

taken from the septum (the inner wall of the nose that divides the two airways). If the necessary bone and cartilage have already been removed, cartilage from the ear or ribs and bone from the skull may be removed. These give the best results.

Filling substance

(such as a denser hyaluronic acid) or fat injections - these are intended to smooth, hide deformities or hollows or to add volume to certain areas. If there is a deviated septum, the doctor will correct this defect to improve breathing.

Secondary rhinoplasty

it is done in case a nose reoperation is needed, if the patient is not satisfied with the result. This can be done at least one year after the first operation.


After the operation, bed rest is recommended, keeping the head slightly elevated, above the chest, to reduce bleeding or swelling.


The patient may experience a stuffy nose due to inflammation, support splints placed inside the nose to keep the nasal passages clean or external bandages placed to protect the nose from accidental bumps.


All support systems will be removed seven to ten days after surgery.

Temporary swelling of the nose or bluish-black discoloration of the eyelids can last for up to three weeks after surgery. This is a normal effect and is not a cause for concern.


After three weeks, normal activities can be resumed, avoiding strenuous exercise, and after a few months, the nose can be exposed to direct sunlight. The final result and the shape of the nose can be evaluated one year after the operation, until the inflammation is completely gone.

Top Cronos Med Academy surgeons performing rhinoplasty surgery:



SURGERY performed by Cronos Med Academy surgeons costs:


*The price of the intervention performed by Dr. Constantin Stan is 6.200 €

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is surgery to change the shape of the nose. This nose surgery can be done to improve breathing, to change the proportions and obtain a symmetrical nose or for any other functional or aesthetic reasons. This surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic operations and offers permanent results. In rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon can operate on the bones of the nose, the cartilage, the skin, depending on the particularities and the results you want.

When is rhinoplasty indicated?

To find out if rhinoplasty is the right option for you, the first step is a thorough consultation with one of Cronos Med's surgeons. The doctor can recommend a nose surgery if you have breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum or other peculiarities, if your nose has an asymmetrical shape or if various protuberances are present. This operation can also be performed for aesthetic reasons, if you are unhappy with the appearance and proportions of your nose. Our specialists in the field are prepared with the best advice and come to your aid with personalised solutions.

How does rhinoplasty surgery go?

After a careful examination, the Cronos Med surgeon will determine exactly which techniques can be applied. Rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will make the necessary incisions and changes to the bone and cartilage structure. Also during the rhinoplasty, the surgeon will correct the position of the nasal septum, if necessary. Then the incisions will be closed and the area will be bandaged appropriately. You will receive all the necessary instructions so that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible both before and after the operation.

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