Secondary rhinoplasty

It is a procedure that can be done to correct the results of a previous rhinoplasty.

The basic indications are unresolved or even worsened aesthetic or functional problems following the initial operation. Secondary rhinoplasty is more complicated than an initial rhinoplasty.


The decision to implement it must be made together with the plastic surgeon, based on the patient's realistic needs and desires, taking into account the physiognomy of the face and never forgetting that there is no perfect nose to suit everyone.


  • after the operation a support splint is attached to protect the nose from accidental blows;
  • there is the possibility of placing a triangular bandage under the tip of the nose;
  • for extra support, the nasal passages are also lined with a splint that keeps them clean and crust-free
  • for a few days after the operation the head should be kept raised and still
  • all support systems will be removed seven to ten days after surgery
  • bruising and swelling will subside after about two weeks
  • after three weeks normal activities can be resumed, avoiding strenuous exercise
  • after a few months you can expose your nose to direct sunlight


The results are permanent, which is why it is very important that the decision of this surgery is very well weighed and the choice of surgeon is made based on certifications and experience.


PRICE a secondary rhinoplasty at CRONOS MED is of


What is secondary rhinoplasty?

Secondary rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to make aesthetic or functional changes to the nose after an initial rhinoplasty has already taken place. Secondary rhinoplasty surgery can be done to correct certain aspects that were not properly treated during the initial operation or if the patient is not satisfied with the results obtained. The need for further surgery on the nose may arise in the case of incomplete or excessive correction made during the initial cosmetic surgery, as well as in the case of changes that occur during the healing process.

When is secondary rhinoplasty indicated?

If the patient is not completely satisfied with the results that the initial rhinoplasty provided, then they can opt for a consultation with our surgeons at Cronos Med. A thorough discussion with one of them can help him/her to find out if secondary rhinoplasty is the right choice. The patient can opt for a consultation with the ENT surgeon to receive appropriate recommendations for secondary rhinoplasty, if there are functional problems such as nasal obstruction, asymmetry, collapse of cartilage or nasal bones. Our specialists will take into account all the patient's wishes and expectations when offering the ideal solution.

What is the recovery period after secondary rhinoplasty?

After secondary rhinoplasty, local bruising and oedema (swelling) may occur for about 5-7 days. It will be necessary to wear a support splint, and the doctor may use bandages for extra support. These are generally removed about a week after cosmetic nose surgery. The results may be visible immediately, but once the inflammation is completely reduced, the final results can be seen. Your doctor may recommend avoiding strenuous physical exertion for a few weeks for optimal recovery.

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