Service namePrice
Surgery consultationfrom 300 LEI
Consultation Dr. Constantin Stan650 LEI


Breast augmentation with implantof € 5,500
Mastopexy (breast lift)from 5.325 €
Mastopexy with implantfrom 6.600 €
Breast reductionfrom 6.700 €
Implant exchange (with or without mastopexy)from 5.700 €
Prosthetic excision (with or without mastopexy)from €2,250


Direct temporo brow suspension - brow liftfrom €2,800
Upper blepharoplastyfrom 1.100 €
Lower blepharoplastyfrom €2,800
Upper + lower blepharoplastyfrom 3.360 €
Rhinoplastyfrom 5.050 €
Secondary rhinoplastyfrom 6.600 €
Nasal tip reconstruction and septoplastyfrom 5.600 €
Septoplastyfrom 3.150 €
Lip liftfrom 1.350 €
Otoplasty (bilateral)from 3.050 €
Otoplasty (unilateral)from 1.350 €
Liposuction of the facefrom 1.700 €
MIVAL - Facelift with anchoring systemfrom 3.900 €
Midface suspensionfrom 6.000 €
3D Liftingfrom 6.000 €
Minimal incision facelift - type 1from 12.100 €
Minimal incision facelift - type 2from 13.500 €
Cervical lift with minimal incisionfrom 5.150 €
Peripheral cervical faceliftfrom 6.000 €
Micro & nano fat graft - lipotransferfrom 3.000 €
Laser endoliftfrom 2.450 €


Gynecomastiafrom €2,800
Brachioplasty - arm correctionfrom 3.670 €
Abdominoplastyfrom 4.900 €
Labiaplastyfrom €2,240
Thigh liftfrom 4.500 €
Post gastric thigh sleevefrom 3925 €
Liposuctionfrom 3.350 €
Lipoedemfrom 3.600 €
Lipoabdominoplastyfrom 6.700 €
Mommy makeoverfrom 7.000 €
Argon plasmafrom 1.120 €
Dupuytren's contracture or carpal tunnel syndromefrom €2,240


Consult150 LEI
Transvaginal ultrasound gynecology210 LEI
Ultrasound pregnancy320 LEI
Vaporisation with anaesthesia2.780 LEI
Anaesthesia with anaesthesia3,330 LEI
Local treatment60 LEI
Disassembled sterile530 LEI
Instillations120 LEI

Surgical interventions

Biopsy curettage with LEI
Hysterosalpingoecography1,050 LEI
Mounted/dem.sterile with an.2,220 LEI
Mud110 LEI
Biopsy160 LEI


Consultation160 LEI
Control80 LEI
Musculoskeletal ultrasound200 LEI
Evacuated echogenic art puncturefrom 120 LEI
Infiltrations (peripheral joints)from 150 LEI
Infiltrations (peripheral joints with hyaluronic acid)900 LEI
Infiltrations (peripheral joints with collagen)1.000 LEI
Art coxofemoral (hip) infiltrations - under ultrasound guidancefrom 600 LEI


Juvederm Ultra SMILE hyaluronic acid 0.55 ML (Lips)1.100 lei
Hyaluronic acid lip augmentation - Juvederm/ Restylane (1 ml)1.650 lei
Hyaluronic Acid Lip Augmentation - Aliaxin FL/ LV (1 ML)1,510 lei
Juvederm/ Restylane hyaluronic acid (facial volumizing) 1 ml1.650 lei
Hyaluronic Acid Hyal System (facial volumizing) 1 ml1,510 lei
Cearcane hyaluronic acid 1 ml1.650 lei
Juvederm Volite1.650 lei
Hyal System 1.81,510 lei
Restylane Vital LIDOCAINE1.650 lei
Restylane Vital LIGHT LIDOCAINE1.650 lei
Aliaxin SR1,510 lei
Viscoderm Hydrobooster 1.1 ml1,510 lei
Profhilo face 2 ml1.650 lei
Profhilo body 3.0 ml1,760 lei


Sculptra3,190 lei
HARMONYCA 1.25ML2,190 lei
Hyal System DUO1.650 lei
Hyal System ACP1.650 lei


Botulinum toxin or zone | 2 zones | 3 zones Dysport980 lei | 1.575 lei | 1.970 lei
Botulinum toxin or zone | 2 zones | 3 zones Alluzience1.090 lei | 1.750 lei | 2.190 lei
Botulinum toxin or zone | 2 zones | 3 zones Vistabel1.090 lei | 1.750 lei | 2.190 lei


Consultation200 LEI
Control100 LEI
MD Codes4.800 LEI
Treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin2.800 LEI
Reduction of palm/plant hyperhidrosis2.800 LEI
Mesotherapy + Microneedling1,680 LEI
Hyaluronidase (acid melting)580 LEI
Lipolysis sagoni - double chin reduction2.000 LEI
PRP - regenerative therapy with own plasma (Vampire Therapy)1,790 LEI


Consult Dr Tudoran220 LEI
Control Dr Tudoran110 LEI
Impedansmetrie60 LEI
Endoscopy Dr Tudoran40 LEI
Ear washing30 LEI
Ear suction30 LEI
Score70 LEI
Surgical interventions

Dr. Mihaela POPOVICI

Adenoidectomy6,660 LEI
Adult tonsillectomy8,330 LEI
Tonsillectomy child7,770 LEI
Adeno+turbi+myringotomy8.880 LEI
Adenoidectomy+myringotomy7,770 LEI
Tonsillectomy+turbinoplasty8,330 LEI
Turbinoplasty6,660 LEI
Endoscopic cure13.910 LEI
Septoplasty12,510 LEI
Multilevel dezobstruction17.950 LEI
Ear lobe1,420 LEI

Dr. Catalina-Simona IONESCU

Adenoidectomy3,330 LEI
Adult tonsillectomy4.000 LEI
Tonsillectomy child4.000 LEI
Adeno+turbi+myringotomy4.000 LEI
Adenoidectomy+myringotomy4.000 LEI
Tonsillectomy+turbinoplasty4.000 LEI
Turbinoplasty3.300 LEI
Septoplasty5.900 LEI


Hidratiq - Galvanic100
Hidratiq - Radiofrequency160
Hidratiq - Ultrasound190
Hidratiq - Aquapeel370
Hidratiq - Aquapell + Electric Ion Mask + Cooling/Heat530
Deep cleansing treatment270
Infinity Glow210
Facial massage190
Age Defying Facial740
Post acne scar treatment (Dermapen + Oxygen therapy + Inf.Glow)950


Posture and isometric exercises320 lei
Massage therapy210 lei
Post-operative recovery-ultrasound (20 minutes)170 lei
Hidratiq - Oxygen therapy210 lei
Infinity glow phototherapy210 lei

RevolvX - vacuum, radiofrequency, LED and transdermal oscillations.

*Lymphatic drainage
*Skin rejuvenation
*Reduces adipose tissue and cellulite
RevolvX small area (arms/legs)190 lei
RevolvX large area (back/hips)300 lei
RevolvX large area (thighs/abdomen) 320 lei


NameA meetingPackage 5+1

Lego Laser - permanent hair removal

Brate550 LEI2,750 LEI
Integral feet1,040 LEI5.200 LEI
Axilla200 LEI1.100 LEI
Inghinal400 LEI2.000 LEI
Small area 110 LEI550 LEI


Gift card with no nominal value
Gift card worth 1.000 lei
Gift card worth 1.500 lei
Gift card worth 2.000 lei


Med.Clean (30 ml)
Complexion cleansing - all skin types
90 LEI
Med.Clean refill (30 ml)80 LEI
Med.Peel Mask (15 ml)
Peeling with fruit acids - all skin types
140 LEI
Med.Peel Mask refill (15 ml)130 LEI
Med.Exfoliant (15 ml)
Gentle enzymatic peel - sensitive skin, with redness or rosacea, or dry skin
120 LEI
Med.Exfoliant refill (15 ml)110 LEI
Med.Filler (15 ml)
Triple effect serum: firming, smoothing wrinkles and moisturising - all skin types
160 LEI
Med.Filler refill (15 ml)160 LEI
Med.Bright (15 ml)
Brightening serum - uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation spots
150 LEI
Med.Bright refill (15 ml)130 LEI
Med.Pure (15 ml)
Purifying and soothing serum - sensitive skin, with redness, rosacea or couperose / large pore, oily or acne-prone skin
190 LEI
Med.Pure refill (15 ml)160 LEI
Med.Care Rich (15 ml)
Anti-aging, regenerating and soothing cream
- correcting signs of ageing in dry and sensitive mature skin
170 LEI
Med.Care Rich refill (15 ml)140 LEI
Med.Protect (15 ml)
Anti-aging mattifying fluid with UVA & UVB protection, cold/warm - including for sensitive skin
120 LEI
Med.Protect refill (15 ml)100 LEI
Med.Relieve (15 ml)
Immediate soothing cream - skin with irritation, redness, itching, dehydration or severe dryness
170 LEI
Med.Relieve refill (15 ml)140 LEI
Med.Eye lift (15 ml)
Cream-serum with regenerating effect - improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, fading of dark circles under the eyes, reduction of wrinkles
210 LEI
Med.Eye lift refill (15 ml)180 LEI
Med.Hand Repair (50 ml)
Hand serum with peeling, moisturizing, firming and pigmentation spot fading effect
160 LEI
Med.Hand Repair refill (50 ml)150 LEI
Med.Calming Mask (1 piece)
Biocellulose mask for skin pigmentation correction & immediate soothing
50 LEI