Préime DermaFacial is the world's most advanced system for non-invasive facial therapies and offers the cosmetologist the possibility to customize them according to the needs of each patient's skin by combining the system's five technologies.

The DermaFacial Préime was designed by skin care experts for unlimited treatment combinations.

How does it work?

Preime DermaFacial therapies involve five steps performed with five types of technologies, to which are added customized cocktails with the latest generation ingredients, Préime DermaCeuticals. Each product in the Préime DermaCeuticals range has been formulated to support and improve the appearance and health of the skin.

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  • Used synergistically with Préime DermaCeuticals' personalised skin care solutions, AquaB combines spiral motion with vacuum technology. It cleanses, moisturises and prepares the skin for the next step of therapy.
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  • This innovative microdermabrasion technology integrates vibration frequency and red LED light to significantly improve the appearance of skin tone and texture. The VibroX applicator is enhanced with DermaCeuticals Préime gels and bridge to produce the Bohr effect, where CO2 microbubbles increase oxygen delivery to the dermis and support regeneration.
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  • MicroT uses microcurrent technology to stimulate muscle toning. These tiny electric currents smooth the skin and stimulate facial muscles to visibly reduce skin laxity and re-contour the face.
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  • Collagen + evenly warms skin to 39-42 °C to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin that support firmness and rejuvenation
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  • This high-frequency thermal ultrasound technology helps transdermal absorption of Préime DermaCeuticals solutions containing active ingredients to accelerate moisture retention in the skin.


DermaFacial Préime therapies are 100% customisable, which means the system can be used on all skin types. The protocols established by the specialists who developed the platform can be used for:

  • Acne and tired complexion
  • Skin lacking vitality and brightness
  • Fine wrinkles and lax skin


Because it is a non-invasive 100% therapy, it requires no recovery time, make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure and gives the complexion a silky appearance, pores are thoroughly cleansed and any creams or serums applied afterwards are better absorbed into the skin.


A session with Préime DermaFacial starts from

530 lei

What are Preime DermaFacial therapies?

Preime DermaFacial smart platform therapies support a smooth functioning of your skin and provide an improved aesthetic appearance by combining 5 modern technologies. Aqua B technology cleanses and hydrates skin, VibroX improves texture and stimulates cell regeneration, and MicroT reduces laxity and contours. DermaFacial Preime System includes Collagen+ therapy which supports skin rejuvenation through collagen and elastin production, and UltraB ultrasound technology which aids increased absorption of Preime DermaCeuticals solutions. DermaFacial price list allows customization of treatments, so Cronos Med cosmetologists can offer you the best solutions for your skin type and needs.

What does Preime DermaFacial do?

The device DermaFacial price list can provide complete skin care, increasing tissue oxygenation levels and natural repair and healing processes. Our specialists can recommend DermaFacial price list to restore vitality and radiance to your skin, to reduce wrinkles and tone the skin or to improve the appearance of acneic or dull skin. The type of treatment will be determined after a thorough evaluation that will allow the doctor to decide which of the technologies offered by this device are most suitable for you, as well as the number of treatment sessions required.

What are the advantages of Preime DermaFacial treatment?

Aesthetic treatments performed with the device DermaFacial price list are 100% non-invasive, so that you can enjoy visible results in the most comfortable way. These treatments are safe and effective, and you won't need time to recover. Thanks to the skin's improved appearance and texture, you can enjoy a hydrated complexion that looks brighter and more radiant, so that makeup application can be made easier. To find out more about what benefits this treatment can offer you, come into the Cronos Med clinics for a chat with our skincare specialists.

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