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Extra Love by Cronos Med

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slide extra love - cronos med

February brings more love and lots of love offers... in all Cronos Med clinics!

Get your Digital Gift Card of  Timeless Love from any clinic or with a simple phone call to our short number 0219097! It can be any value and be the perfect gift for her or him! No more trips in traffic, no more running, no more crowds!


Love your LIPSbecause kissing is the order of the day in the month of love! We have a super active offer all month on hyaluronic acid lip redefining procedures and giveaways every week! Discover them on the website and watch Cronos Med Instagram account!

Love your SKIN and give yourself or pass on as a gift to your mother, sister, daughter or friend the best facial - our signature Cronosderm & MED.COSMETICS treatment.


Try as a couple - girlfriend & boyfriend, mother & daughter/son, best friends, father & son/daughter, brothers and sisters - IV Drips by Cronos Med regenerative therapies, next level energizing, immunizing and beautifying procedures.


Extra PRP in two, a session for face or scalp, with artificial intelligence-based diagnosis on our part.


These are just a few of the gestures of love we thought of. There are many more and you can find them on our website, social media, by email, via text message and in our clinics.


Whatever your location, Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Constanta, Iasi or Timisoara, we are waiting for you with EXTRA LOVE at Cronos Med!

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