Cronos Med skin care range by Dr. Constantin Stan

Creating a skin care range is a long-term investment that requires experience, practice and dedication.


Introducing a new concept in skin care and rejuvenation cosmetics. We have combined the highest quality ingredients with revolutionary technologies.


With extensive experience in medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, we now offer a skin care line that focuses on solutions for all types of problems and on slowing down the aging process.


The MED.COSMETICS skin care range was developed by Cronos Med & the renowned La Fontaine company and is also excellent for daily skin care at home, before and after medical treatments from the same brand series, performed in our clinics. The products are also effective before and after aesthetic surgery.


The MED.COSMETICS product series is available in Cronos Med clinics and distributor partners.

You can order by phone, at 021 9097, any of MED.COSMETICS products. 


Cronos Med clinicians and experts are available to help you use exactly the products your skin type needs.


Med.Clean (30 ml)
Complexion cleansing - all skin types
90 LEI
Med.Clean refill (30 ml)80 LEI
Med.Peel Mask (15 ml)
Peeling with fruit acids - all skin types
140 LEI
Med.Peel Mask refill (15 ml)130 LEI
Med.Exfoliant (15 ml)
Gentle enzymatic peel - sensitive skin, with redness or rosacea, or dry skin
120 LEI
Med.Exfoliant refill (15 ml)110 LEI
Med.Filler (15 ml)
Triple effect serum: firming, smoothing wrinkles and moisturising - all skin types
160 LEI
Med.Filler refill (15 ml)160 LEI
Med.Bright (15 ml)
Brightening serum - uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation spots
150 LEI
Med.Bright refill (15 ml)130 LEI
Med.Pure (15 ml)
Purifying and soothing serum - sensitive skin, with redness, rosacea or couperose / large pore, oily or acne-prone skin
190 LEI
Med.Pure refill (15 ml)160 LEI
Med.Care Rich (15 ml)
Anti-aging, regenerating and soothing cream
- correcting signs of ageing in dry and sensitive mature skin
170 LEI
Med.Care Rich refill (15 ml)140 LEI
Med.Protect (15 ml)
Anti-aging mattifying fluid with UVA & UVB protection, cold/warm - including for sensitive skin
120 LEI
Med.Protect refill (15 ml)100 LEI
Med.Relieve (15 ml)
Immediate soothing cream - skin with irritation, redness, itching, dehydration or severe dryness
170 LEI
Med.Relieve refill (15 ml)140 LEI
Med.Eye lift (15 ml)
Cream-serum with regenerating effect - improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, fading of dark circles under the eyes, reduction of wrinkles
210 LEI
Med.Eye lift refill (15 ml)180 LEI
Med.Hand Repair (50 ml)
Hand serum with peeling, moisturizing, firming and pigmentation spot fading effect
160 LEI
Med.Hand Repair refill (50 ml)150 LEI
Med.Calming Mask (1 piece)
Biocellulose mask for skin pigmentation correction & immediate soothing
50 LEI