Rejuvenare Vaginala cu Laser Ladylift

The Ladylift laser is a non-surgical method of painless vaginal rejuvenation with immediate results in urinary incontinence, atrophy, vaginal relaxation or dryness, cystitis, diseases associated with postpartum changes.

What is LadyLift laser therapy?

It is a new and innovative technique that transmits infrared laser energy to the vaginal wall, stimulating collagen production, tissue remodeling and restoring its flexibility. The treatment targets the vaginal lininga, regeneratea epithelium and connective tissues.

What are the advantages of LadyLift laser therapy?

The main advantage of this type of laser, with diodes, is thata can penetrate tissue deeply. Patients reporta a significant improvement in sexual function and, where appropriate, a reduction in premenopausal symptomsa and menopausea. The procedure is risk-free, and does not requirea no aftercare.


The results are felt over time, between 2 and 8 saenamani, the final ones are reached 8 weeks after the surgery, when the production of new collagen is completed and the vaginal tissue recovers.ata elasticity. Of course, between two and five meetings to obtainand maximum results. There are no specific indications for recovery, the procedure being non-invasivea.


From 1,300 lei

What is the Ladylift laser?

Ladylift Laser is a device used in the rejuvenation treatment of the intimate area. Ladylift laser treatment transmits infrared waves to the vaginal walls, thereby stimulating collagen production and tissue repair. Thanks to the modern technology used, the waves transmitted by Ladylift device are directed deep into the tissues without affecting their surface layers. This stimulates the regeneration process of the epithelium and connective tissue, and you can enjoy improved vaginal tone and increased firmness and flexibility of the tissue in the intimate area.

What is the Ladylift laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

Before the start of the vaginal rejuvenation with Ladylift laser, your gynaecologist specialising in aesthetic gynaecological treatments at Cronos Med will consult you and assess your health to determine if this treatment option is optimal for you. To apply the infrared waves, the doctor will use a sterile handpiece Ladylift which she will insert into the vaginal canal. It will emit energy in all directions, 360 degrees, to treat the entire area simultaneously. A treatment session lasts only a few minutes, but depending on your specific needs, your doctor will recommend the number of sessions needed to achieve the best results.

What are the medical indications for vaginal rejuvenation?

Overall, vaginal rejuvenation with Ladylift laser is indicated in case of vaginal laxity or atrophy and can be useful in relieving some local symptoms caused by menopause. Ladylift Laser is also recommended in case of vaginal dryness or discomfort during sexual intercourse. To find out more, come for a specialist consultation at Cronos Med clinics.

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