Excision of breast prostheses (removal of breast implants) is an option for women who want to return to the natural breasts they had before breast augmentation or breast implant surgery.

What is breast implant removal surgery?

Breast implant removal surgery is a surgical procedure in which the specialist removes previously inserted implants. During the procedure, the surgeon will also remove any leaking silicone material along with the fibrous, connective material formed by the breast around the previous implant.

How is excision of breast implants performed?

The surgical excision of breast prostheses is performed under general anesthesia. The steps of the surgical protocol include the following steps:


  • Making an incision in the submammary fold or around the areola, depending on the previously recommended and agreed surgical protocol;
  • Removal of the breast implant and the scar tissue around it;
  • Closing the incision using specific methods designed to mask scar formation as well as possible.

The patient will be advised to spend one night in hospital, post-intervention, for monitoring.

Who can benefit from implant removal treatment

There are many reasons why a patient may decide to remove previously inserted breast implants, ranging from physical appearance to medical indications:


  • Changes in physical activity levels may cause a desire to return to a natural bust;
  • Implants no longer fit the patient's conformation;
  • Implants cause back or neck pain;
  • The implant has altered position or is leaking substance.

How to prepare for surgery

Following an initial consultation, your Cronos Med plastic surgeon will recommend the right technique, taking into account your expectations. You will also receive precise recommendations on how to prepare for surgery. You may need:


  • Adjust current medication or change it if necessary;
  • Avoiding drugs that increase the risk of bleeding, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal supplements;
  • Quitting smoking at least 6 months before the procedure.

An important part of the initial consultation is setting realistic goals so that your expectations can be met. The final results of breast excision surgery become visible some time after the procedure.


In some cases, in order to achieve the desired cosmetic result, the specialist may recommend the simultaneous performance of additional procedures such as breast lift or autologous fat transfer.

Recovery time for breast implant removal surgery

The recovery period after breast implant removal surgery lasts several weeks, depending on how the procedure went and other objective parameters that the plastic surgeon has in mind and will discuss. For an optimal result, it is essential to follow a few recommendations that your doctor will detail during your consultation:


  • Using a special compression bra;
  • During the recovery period you will need to sleep on your back, ideally in an inclined position at 25-45 degrees;
  • You will need to avoid hot showers and baths, as well as saunas, for three weeks;
  • You will need to avoid strenuous physical activity for the first two weeks after surgery;
  • You will need to avoid sexual activity for a minimum of one to two weeks;
  • The wires will be removed gradually over three weeks;
  • Periodic discomfort is normal and can be controlled with mild analgesics.


There are few situations where it is better for the patient to keep her implants. This is the case when the breasts were very small initially, and the implants used have achieved a considerable increase in the bust. Sometimes, in such cases, the skin of the breast has thinned so that the areola needs the implant for support.


The results of breast excision surgery are not visible immediately after the procedure. Sometimes the breasts appear deflated immediately after surgery, until the skin returns to its original shape in about a month. The results are long-lasting unless pregnancy or large weight fluctuations intervene. Minor changes will occur, however, as time passes, but the position of the nipple remains unchanged.

Intervention price

The price for the excision of breast prostheses starts from 2,250 euros. If the excision of breast prostheses is accompanied by a breast lift procedure, the price will increase. We stress that all these prices are indicative and that a more accurate estimate of the costs can be obtained after an initial consultation, during which the specialist can objectively assess the situation and make recommendations that are satisfactory.

Regain your self-confidence, getting the look you want, with the help of the team of specialists from Cronos Med clinics. Schedule a consultation now to one of the Cronos Med doctors and enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that you can get from working with the empathetic and efficient medical staff of Dr. Constantin Stan's team.

What is breast prosthesis excision?

Excision of breast implants is surgery to remove breast implants used for breast augmentation or reconstruction. This surgery can be performed either as a result of certain implant complications, such as capsular contracture, leakage or implant rupture, or if you wish to return to your natural breasts. Breast prosthesis removal surgery is done only after a thorough consultation, during which the plastic surgeon evaluates your health, the appearance of the implants and possible complications. To find out if excision procedure of breast prostheses is the optimal choice for you, schedule a consultation with our specialists at Cronos Med.

How does the breast implant removal surgery go?

Excision of breast implants is performed under general anesthesia, and before the procedure you will receive all the details about the necessary preparations for the surgery to go as well as possible. After the anaesthetic has been administered, the plastic surgeon will make an incision, in the area through which they were inserted in the first operation. The next step is removal of breast implants and the connective tissue formed around the prosthesis, using the techniques established by the surgeon, depending on the particulars. The incisions are then closed and bandaged.

What are the results after excision of breast prostheses?

Results obtained after excision of breast prostheses depend largely on the size of the implants that have been removed and the condition of the remaining breast tissue and skin. According to removal of breast implants, local oedema (swelling) and bruising may occur. Also, after removal of the volume occupied by the implant, the skin may appear loose and will take time to recover. It can take up to a year for the tissue to heal completely and for you to see the final results. Choose to speak with our doctors at Cronos Med for more details about this procedure.

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