Or how to get rid of cellulite without lifting a finger

Say goodbye to cellulite on your thighs, buttocks and around your waist without any effort? That's the promise of endermology, thanks to the CelluM6 LPG device. Results are visible in just a few sessions. Initially used by physiotherapists to relieve post-operative oedema, endermology is a mechanical stimulation of cells that has also been used successfully in aesthetic medicine in recent years. Invented by Louis Paul Guitay, who gave it its name, the LPG technique is today the most effective method of eliminating cellulite, localised fat deposits and skin laxity from the body.


The LPG Cellu M6 is equipped with a head that combines two independently motorized rollers and a flap, which simulates the action of kneading the tissue. This stimulation is adapted to each skin type and body morphology for a personalised treatment. The therapy is based on a mechanical movement, acting at the same time on cells and connective tissue, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
At the same time, the natural process of natural fat dissolution (lipolysis) is restarted. The treatment is also beneficial for venous and lymphatic circulation. In pregnancy it can be used to eliminate water from the body, being applied only on the thighs, calves and arms and with reduced intensity.


  • Localised fat deposits
  • Cellulite and orange peel appearance
  • Water retention


  • Non-invasive therapies
  • No pain
  • No recovery time
  • Reduces cellulite and orange-peel appearance
  • Increases skin tone
  • Improves lymph flow
  • Reshapes the body


Depending on the particularities of each patient, for a satisfactory result and duration, 10-15 sessions are generally needed.


LPG CELLU M6 system is available at Cronos Med Constanta

from 240 lei/ session

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